White Birch Estates Front Yard

White Birch Estates Front Yard

This home is located in the White Birch Estates neighborhood in Hawthorn Woods. The homeowner asked our landscape design team to create a new font landscape.


We designed a white natural stone retaining wall to curve around the front and side of the home. The slightly curved path adds shape to the landscape design. The path from the driveway to the home was created with natural bluestone. 

Foundation Plantings

Perennials, groundcover and boxwood fill the planting beds with color.  In the winter the boxwood maintain their glossy leaves. These low maintenance plants look great year round and keep the weeds out.


Seasonally, annuals are added to the walkway area. Our landscape design teams uses pansies in the spring, annuals such as wave petunias in the summer and mums and kale in the fall for this seasonal pop of color. The team also re-designs the urns seasonally.

If you would like to add a retaining wall to your landscape or a hardscape such as a patio or path, reach out to our landscape design team.

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