Warranty & Returns

The Barn Nursery Guarantee Policy

Guarantee – We allow a one-time credit of 100% of your FINAL PURCHASE PRICE for any tree, shrub, or evergreen that dies within the guarantee period as stated below. The original receipt is required. Credit will be usable on any purchase of merchandise from The Barn Nursery. The guarantee does not apply to replacement nursery stock. We cannot be liable for death or damage of plants caused by salt or abrasive chemicals, motor or manual vehicles, lack of proper maintenance, or excessive rains, drought, tornado, or other natural disasters. This is voided for items marked “Final Sale”.

We will not replace plants or repair any work if it was caused by lack of water, improper water, insects, animals mechanical damage, neglect, acts of God, inclement weather, third parties, civil unrest, or anything actions outside of contractor repair.

Trees, Shrubs, & Evergreens – The guarantee period is one year from date of purchase.

Roses, Perennials, & Groundcovers – The guarantee period is from the date of purchase or installation until October 30 of the same year (i.e. one growing season). Annual Flowers, Vegetables, Seeds, Hanging Baskets, & Potted Planters – Do not carry a guarantee. While we to use the finest growers and suppliers as sources for these plants and seeds, please remember that the care these plants receive after they leave our premises is critical. This includes the care before and after they are planted. The most common causes for failure are improper watering and inadequate lighting. Follow directions carefully and if you have concerns, contact us immediately.

Return Policy – Garden Center Merchandise can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, plant material within 7 days of purchase, when returned in saleable condition. A receipt is required for all returns. All sales are final on sod, seasonal merchandise, special orders, and clearance items. There are no returns on purchases made through our Landscape Division.

Warning: Before planting, it is the customer’s responsibility to have all underground utilities marked and located before installations. Call Julie 1-800-892-0123 and cable companies. It is the customer’s responsibility to mark accurate location and depth of all additional underground systems including but not limited to sprinkler and alarm systems, satellite cable, electric, gas, etc. When The Barn Nursery is doing the planting, we are required by law to call JULIE ourselves, even if the homeowner has an existing JULIE ticket.

The Barn Nursery & Landscape Center is not responsible for damage to any PRIVATE in-ground utilities including but not limited to invisible fences, sprinkler systems, private gas or electric lines, septic or drain tile systems. 

Hardscaping & other services: The Barn Nursery Landscape Division will repair all brick paving one time, without charge on any brick job that has settled on undisturbed soil within three years of installation. No guarantee about color or fading is made.

Spring & Summer seeding does not carry a warranty.

There is no guarantee on any hardscape materials sold through the Garden Center retail division.

Payment Policy:

All garden center purchases require payment at the time of purchase.

Landscape Division Payments

Net Balance due immediately upon completion of all work. It is mutually agreed by both parties that all materials furnished by The Barn Nursery & Landscape Center shall remain the sole property of The Barn Nursery & Landscape Center until such time as payment in full has been made as specified and the contractor has license to enter the client’s property to regain possession thereof without notice to the purchaser upon failure to pay.

The limited warranty shall be invalidated if Owner does not pay full invoice within 30 days after receipt. All claims for loss must be reported to contractor within the applicable warranty period and no replacements or repairs of any kind will be made until original invoice is paid in full.