Shade and Ornamental Trees

redbud and crabapple

Spring flowering trees brighten the landscape.

The Barn Nursery’s history is rooted in shade and ornamental trees. We are growers, landscape architects, nurserymen, and horticulturalists.

Our goal is to provide customers with high quality, hardy and beautiful trees at the best possible price.

Locally Grown Shade and Ornamental Trees

  • Our evergreen, shade and ornamental trees are typically slow grown in our Zone, which makes them hardier and easier to transplant.
  • Locally grown plant purchases directly support local farmers, drivers and friends in the economic zone of Northern Illinois.
  • Less transportation from the nursery to our garden center is better for the health of the tree and the environment. Plus, it keeps costs down!

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees include flowering pear, redbud, crabapple and more and are popular for their spring blooms.

Additional Information on our Ornamental Trees

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Jane Magnolia

Flowering Jane Magnolia, a dwarf spring bloomer.

We also carry variety of dwarf ornamental trees to fit perfectly in small landscapes and designed to make the perfect focal tree at your entrance or off your patio.

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Shade Trees

Shade trees such as Autumn Blaze Maples, Oaks and Linden are perennial favorites of homeowners in Northern Illinois for their hardiness and size. Read about the best shade trees for Northern Illinois in this blog post:

“21 Fascinating Shade Trees for the Landscape”. 

Fast Growing Trees

Looking for a fast growing shade tree? Read about some of our favorites in this blog post. 

You can explore all your options by using our Plantfinder.

We can assist in navigating the world of trees and shrubs, from solving simple design questions, to suggesting something new and fresh you may not have thought of. Whether you are looking for a dwarf ornamental tree or a towering Autumn Blaze Maple, a low maintenance privacy hedge or a rare specimen tree, you’ll find a plant for every purpose at The Barn Nursery.