Organic Gardening

At The Barn Nursery & Landscape Center we always strive to be good shepherds of the environment through our plant selections and plant care recommendations. We stock the most disease and pest resistant species because we want to make sure that our customers succeed in their landscaping and gardening endeavors.

At times, pest problems and disease still occur despite ideal conditions and care. When this occurs, our staff are trained to prioritize IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices in dealing with plant health. IPM weighs the “cost” of damage versus “cost” of treatment, i.e. it doesn’t make much sense to douse your tree with insecticides after finding just one bug on a leaf. It also recommends that natural and cultural treatments (planting the proper plant in the proper location, ensuring adequate nutrients, etc.) are utilized prior to mechanical treatments (pruning or removal of infected parts), with chemical treatments as a last ditch effort.

When chemical treatments are necessary, we discourage the use of chemicals if there is an effective, alternative natural or organic product. We STRONGLY warn customers not to even attempt chemical treatments during peak bloom times as this would be extremely detrimental to pollinators, as well as being against the product’s label.

We stock the following natural and organic products:

  • Age Old Organics
  • Bonide Naturals
  • Down to Earth
  • Espoma
  • Green Screen
  • Healthy Grow
  • And many others!

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