Island Lake New Construction

Island Lake New Construction

This new construction home in Island Lake, IL needed some curb appeal and color. The homeowner wanted an easy to maintain landscape that added year-round interest to their home. Our landscape team achieved all that and more by designing a landscape packed with color by using perennial grasses, flowering trees that all pop against the classic, clean design of this lovely new home and provide a pretty view from the welcoming front porch.  Not to mention excellent curb appeal that makes their home the prettiest on the street.


Step one? Create the planting beds! Our team sod stripped the entire area and amended the beds for planting.

Autumn Blaze Maple

This included a small bed in the front yard that is the perfect place for a fast-growing shade tree. We chose the Autumn Blaze Maple, which can grow up to 5 feet a year. It will add a mature feel to the landscape quickly and provide shade to the yard and the home. It was surrounded by pink wave petunias, a low maintenance annual that pack a wallop of color all summer long.

Curb appeal ideas

For easy maintenance and reliable color, perennials were included as foundation plantings. In the image above a variety of daylilies are exploding in yellow, orange and red. Knockout roses can’t be beat. They are hardy, easy to care for and explode with bright pinky red blooms all summer long. Knockout Roese are an ideal choice for any homeowner looking for fast and easy curb appeal.

Don’t want to weed? Neither does this homeowner! (or anyone for that matter!) We recommended pachysandra groundcover to fill in all the beds. It reduces the need to mulch every year and keeps weeds away.


From the view of the image above, you can see two plants that will also change seasonally. The dwarf ornamental tree right off the corner of the home is a Redbud, which is one the earliest spring bloomers. Behind it and along the side of the house are hydrangea which will bloom from mid-summer all the way through fall.


In the image above, you can see how this landscape architect worked plants into the landscape that added color and texture contrast. The bright green evergreen is a Golden Mops Falsecypress which will stay golden green all winter long. Beside it is a stunning Tamukeyama Japanese Maple whose foliage is so stunning, it will probably make visitors to the home stop and take a closer look. Both are book ended by perennial grasses which can be left up all winter long for additional winter interest.


Don’t forget the other side of the home. That’s like leaving the house with makeup only on half your face. The other side of the home is anchored by a collection of perennial grasses, Daylilies and Nepeta, three of the hardiest and most low maintenance perennials you can add to your landscape.

What really sets this landscape apart? The beautiful maintenance and attention of the homeowner. This landscape has been impeccably maintained and nurtured and the hard work has paid off. Not to mention the beautiful containers of annuals by the garage and on the front porch. The fresh mulch in all the beds makes it look clean and healthy, keeps weeds away and locks in moisture to reduce the need to water.  This design, installation and the support of the homeowner make it a curb appeal “Before and After” winner!

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