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The Barn Nursery is open and fresh annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs are arriving daily. Stop by and see what we have to offer. With over 10 acres of sales yards and 40 years experience in growing and planting in NW Illinois, we are the place for quality plant material you can trust to thrive in your yard and gardens. In 1985 we opened our own 400 acre growing nursery in Northern Illinois and the trees and shrubs we grow make up our Barn Premium Select line. We are proud to carry premium plant material and have the experience required to make your landscape project a big success. Come on in and let us help! We also offer delivery and planting services.

Come into our Garden Center with your landscape plan in hand or just come in search of great garden ideas. We have the product and knowledge to help! At The Barn Nursery, we pride ourselves on providing top quality plant material, and superior service to help you choose the plants that are right for you. We also carry a variety of soil amendments, chemicals and pesticides to keep your plants healthy and happy. If you are looking for a special gift or decorative item for your home or garden, stop in and browse our garden shop. We have a large selection of stakes, gazing globes, gifts, pots and planters and seasonal decor to fit every taste and budget. Seasonally, we also have tillandsia, or air plants, for sale.

All our trees, shrubs, evergreens, roses, perennials, and groundcovers are guaranteed. Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase for the purchase price. Barn Premium Select Trees and Shrubs are guaranteed for two years. Perennials are guaranteed for their purchase price through October 31st of the year of purchase.

Delivery and planting services are available for trees, shrubs and evergreens. Delivery is based on the location and our Premium Delivery Service includes delivering the item into the pre-dug hole if requested. Installation fees are based on the size of the root ball and weight of the tree.

Return Policy: We gladly accept returns and exchanges on living plants up to 7 days after the purchase. Other merchandise can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of the purchase days.

In addition to plant material we also carry a large variety of bulk stone & mulch, bagged items, chemicals, Henri Studio and Campania statuary & fountains, pots and pottery, wind chimes (including Music of The Spheres), bird supplies, gazing globes, Kitras glass art, and various home and garden decor. Visit our garden center throughout the year to enjoy our seasonal decor and displays and get inspired!


Drive by our garden center in Cary, Illinois, this spring and it will be bursting with color! We offer hundreds of thousands of annuals to choose from including hanging baskets, potted planters, annual flats, Proven Winners and tropical plants. Our annuals section is divided by color – look or our color tables to get started. Along the way, enjoy the combination containers we have potted up for inspiration or let one of our salespeople help choose a combination that is just right or your home. Whether you have shade or sun, we can help. Or, if you prefer to keep your hands out of the dirt, pick up a ready to go basket or container. We also offer at home and in store potting. Call us at 847-658-3883 to schedule a time to bring in your containers and let know of our designers put together a combination for you. Click below to learn more.


Bulk Stone and Mulch

Our Garden Center carries a variety of soil amendments, mulch and stone to meet every need of the landscape.

Mulch Products

Bagged Mulch
Our Garden Center in Cary, IL stocks over 10 varieties of bagged mulch including Cypress, Pine Bark Nuggets, Shredded Pine, Sunrise Red Dyed, Cocoa Bean, Western, and Black Dyed. We also offer our Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch in bags. Most bags are sold in 2-3 cubic foot bags, depending on the variety. When you arrive at the Garden Center, we have samples in our stone yard and inside the store. Simply choose your style, pay for your items at checkout and bring the loading ticket to the loading area. Our yard staff will load all your items for you. Bagged items are available for delivery for a small surcharge, plus local delivery fee.

Bulk Mulch
The Barn only offers one style of bulk mulch. We believe using an all bark premium bulk mulch plays in an important role in the health of your landscape. An all bark hardwood mulch adds nutrients to the soil, retains moisture to reduce watering needs and improves weed control, whereas lower quality mulch, while often less expensive, is often created by chopping up unknown wood products and old pallets. This low quality source of bulk mulch sucks up the nutrients and moisture present in the soil, therefore hurting rather than helping. Our Barn Premium Bulk mulch is a dark brown, fine, triple shredded mulch made up of all hardwood bark. The price is $45/yard plus local delivery. We can deliver up to 6 yards on a truck and will happily split a load between neighbors. If you need bulk mulch delivered, Click the button below to schedule a bulk mulch delivery.


Bagged Stone
We carry over 10 varieties of bagged stone including Alabama Sunset, Meramec Pebbles, Pea Gravel, Limestone Paver Base, Road Gravel, Pond Pebbles, Gray Slate, Bluestone Chip and Black Mexican Pebbles. Most bags are sold in 50lb or 1-2 cubic foot bags, depending on the variety. When you arrive at the Garden Center, we have samples in our stone yard and inside the store. Simply choose your style, pay for your items at checkout and bring the loading ticket to the loading area. Our yard staff will load all your items for you. Bagged items are available for delivery for a small surcharge, plus local delivery fee.

Bulk Stone
Our bulk stone yard carries the finest bulk stone for landscape purposes such as patios, walkways and retaining walls. Our stone is primarily sold by the pound and we can also sell it and deliver by the pallet. Varieties we typically stock include boulders, Chilton flagstone, flagstone, cut drywall, tumbled bluestone, and bluestone steppers.

Soil Amendments

The Barn carries a large variety of soil amendments including top soil, potting mix, vegetable planting mix, mushroom compost, manure, peat moss, gardener’s compost, straw, pine straw and more. We also carry more task specific soils for cactus, seed starting and other gardening needs.


You say tomato, I say tomato. No matter what you call it, our Garden Center probably has it. Starting in early spring, we offer cold weather veggies such as lettuce, broccoli and more. As the temperatures rise, we add in tomatoes, herbs and everything you can grow and eat all season long. Our variety is unmatched, so if you are looking for a specific heirloom tomato or unusual pepper or herb, it is a good bet we have it in stock. In the fruit family, we offer all sorts of berries, including raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. We also carry a variety of fruit trees such as honeycrisp apple.

One of the more exciting aspects over the last few years had been the growth of new gardeners taking on the “Grow Your Own” lifestyle and we love it. If you are a newbie, let us help you get started. We have information on square foot gardening, soil composition, sizing, placement and of course timing. If you don’t have a lot of space, a container garden is a great way to stat and we offer combinations already planted and ready to grow!

Starting off with the right soil is the first step in achieving a bountiful harvest. Square foot gardening and raised beds require the right combination of composts, peat, manure and other products. A new garden bed requires different blends than existing gardens. Whatever your garden set up, The Barn has the right mix of soil amendments for you. Click below to download a copy of our FREE Vegetable Garden Soil Recipes.

Wondering when you can plant your vegetables outside? Click here to download our Vegtable Garden Planting Timeline.

If you are new to gardening, download our FREE e-book to the right. It is a comprehensive gardening guide that includes planning, vegetabel garden soil preparation, maintenance and more. Simply follow our ten steps to gardening success!

vegetable gardening


Healthy, Safe, Clean. As more and more consumers look to organic choices, the need for safe gardening products has grown. It can be difficult to understand the different capabilities and how to use these organic products. The Barn has an organic solution for most garden needs including lawn care, pest control, weed control and plant health.

Organic Vegetable Gardens: The Barn offers all natural and organic soils, amendments, organic fertilizers, such as Bonide Tomato Tone and more. In the spring, we also organic vegetables and herbs, as well as non-GMO vegetable seeds and fruit seeds.

Organic Lawn Care: The Barn Nursery offers both natural and organic 4 step lawn care programs as well as Milorganite and Natural Guard products. For more information on organic lawn care, cick below.


Our Garden Center in Cary offers one of the largest perennial shopping gardens in the northwest suburbs. We consider our choice of perennials to be selective and intelligent so our customers know upon arrival that our quality is unbeatable. Our perennials are organized by Latin name, and housed in 3 sections; shade, sun and native. The Barn Nursery’s friendly and helpful staff is great at helping beginner gardeners and experts find what they are looking for. If you are new to gardening, we will help you choose the correct plants for your landscape.

We also offer roses, peonies and perennial vines. When you shop perennials at The Barn, our knowledgeable sales staff is present to assist in any capacity. We can simply point you in the right direction or help plan and design a garden for you at no charge. New Gardeners can rest assured we can help choose plants that will thrive in their gardens.

Are you a perennial lover? Or just looking to break out of the “hostas and day lilies” box? Take a look at our Perennial Guide titled, “7 Great Perennials You’ve Never Heard Of”.

Plant Material

At The Barn, we know the answer to a question we hear all the time: “Where did you get that tree?” The answer, “It’s from The Barn Nursery.”

Having planted hundreds of thousands of trees in Northern Illinois over the last 40 years, if there is a tree that catches your eye as you drive through your neighborhood, it’s probably a “Barn” Tree.

Thoughtfully chosen by experienced horticulturists, each tree, shrub and evergreen arrives at our nursery and is carefully inspected before being put out for sale. After arrival, we maintain all plants to a high level, ensuring a healthy variety at all times. We put time and effort into choosing plants we know will thrive in Northern Illinois, and with over 40 years’ experience, we feel proud of our ability to provide high quality plant material to our customers.

We can assist in navigating the world of trees and shrubs, from solving simple design questions, to suggesting something new and fresh you may not have thought of. Whether you are looking for a dwarf ornamental tree or a towering autumn blaze maple, a low maintenance privacy hedge or a rare specimen tree, you’ll find a plant for every purpose at The Barn Nursery.

Throughout our season, we typically stock a variety of plants including: Mission (Techny) Arborvitae, Dark Green Arborvitae, Emerald Green, Maple, including Autumn Blaze Maples, Oak, Lilac, Boxwood, Burning Bush, Hydrangea and thousands more varieties. We also have a great selection of dwarf ornamental trees and evergreens for small spaces. Most of our plant material is grown naturally and locally, and pruned regularly for health and shape.

All trees, shrubs and evergreen are guaranteed for one year from the purchase date for the sale price. Planting and Delivery on all trees and shrubs is available Monday – Friday.

Interested in creating a privacy hedge with arborvitae? Click below to download a copy of a side by side comparison of arborvitae varieties.


Plant Pharmacy

At our garden center, the Plant Pharmacy offers solutions for every possible need.

Lawn Care Needs

We offer a variety of grass seed for every area including high traffic, sun and shade. Our lawn care area also has fertilizer, and lawn amendments such as Natural Guard Soil Activator. We offer both Fertilome and Espoma lawn 4-step programs. Come in for help learning about organic lawn care and natural 4 step programs.

For more information on lawn care, including grub control, 4 step programs and more, download our Free Lawncare Guide, by clicking the button below.

Plant Material Care

Whether you need a simple fertilizer or have an undiagnosed plant issue, we are here to help. Simply bring in a leaf sample, “bug in a bag” or simply describe your issue and we will prescribe the right solution to your problem. If you have japanese beetles, we can get rid of them. We offer Bonide, Liquid Fence, Espoma, Fertilome, High Yield products and more.


The Barn Nursery is a full service garden center and landscape company. To access our landscape Portfolio click here. In our garden center, we offer a variety of services. See below for descriptions and pricing information.

Planting and Delivery

We offer planting and delivery on all green goods. Delivery charges are based on your location and start at $45 to the local towns of Crystal Lake, Cary, Algonquin, Fox River Grove and Lake in the Hills. This premium deliver y charge is a one load fee, meaning we will deliver as many items as you can get on one truck for $45 and even place them in the hole, instead of just leaving them on your driveway. Planting charges are based on the size of the plant and the size of the root ball and vary by variety. Our skilled professionals are trained and experienced in landscaping. Feel free to call us at 847-658-3883 for a quote.

Other Landscape Services

We offer bulk mulch delivery and spreading. Click here for more information on mulch by the yard. We also will do sod stripping and clean up services which are estimated by the hour and charged in 15 minute increments. Depending on the size and amount of time a tree has been in the ground, we can occasionally remove trees and shrubs, but typically we recommend having a professional tree service remove any adult tees. Click the button below to schedule a mulch delivery.

Other Design Services

Depending on the size of the area, we offer in-store garden consultations and design as a free service. For large areas, complex jobs or onsite design, we will quote you a fee based on the size of the job. We also will do on-site or at-home annual planting. Call us at 847-658-3883 to discuss the options.

Spring Clean Ups

We also offer full service spring clean ups. Click the button below to be contacted about this service.

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