French Chateau

The owner of this large French Chateau style home wanted something special, a high-end residential landscape design to match the scale of his home. The client came to us with big expectations, a partially finished landscape and a two year calendar counting down to large formal event for 300 people. The client’s home is set upon 3 acres and includes extensive gardens and a large lawn. From patios to plantings, The Barn was hired to perfect the landscape and make the home a pinnacle of beauty in the neighborhood.

Paver Driveway

The first large piece of the landscape job was to design an addition to the driveway. For a one of a kind result, The Barn worked with the supplier and client to create a custom blend color of paver stone. Once the hue was chosen, our designed presented a variety of custom designed patterns for the layout. Finally, the 8000 square foot portion of the driveway was installed by our certified landscape technicians and team.

Drainage & Irrigation

While the driveway was being designed, we started work on drainage and irrigation. A hands off, low maintenance approach was important to the client but maintaining a healthy, golf course green lawn was a priority. Extensive drainage work was completed in order to install an irrigation system for the entire yard including planting beds and lawn.

Regular maintenance was started on the lawn, beds and plantings and included cleaning and maintenance of water features, regularly fertilizing and lawn care and treatments for pests and disease. The Barn’s maintenance crew also weeded, edged and mulched as needed. In quick time, the lawn became golf course green and weed free as requested by the client.

Terraced Natural Stone

The second phase of the project included the design and installation of a terraced landscape in the backyard with a modular stepping stone layout leading to a series of retaining walls that added an element of both whimsy and elegance. Using natural stone to create a layered look, The Barn was able to minimize the slope of the backyard for easy access to the various patios and gardens.

Foundation Plantings

In the second phase, planting beds were either created or re-designed. Along the perimeter of the yard, The Barn used a large variety of shrubs and perennials to create a natural privacy. Year round color was a requirement so the designer chose shrubs and perennials with long bloom times, bright colors and seasonal bloom times. In the gardens, the customer wanted seasonal color, so we installed plant material that would work with the various seasons of the year, leaving room to easily replace annuals as spring became summer, summer to fall, etc. The Barn was also hired to design and install matching annual planters throughout exterior of the home which are changed out every season.

Please note that the grotto wall, parts of the remaining patio, and the stone columned entry with wood door were installed by another landscape company. After the conclusion of these items, The Bar Nursery was hired. All other work on the premises was completed by The Barn Nursery.

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