Custom Bluestone Raised Bed Garden

Custom Bluestone Raised Bed Garden

Outdoor living spaces are becoming just as important to luxury homeowners as their indoor spaces.

Similar to the rise in popularity of outdoor kitchens, chicken coops and outdoor rooms, more and more homeowners are requesting custom garden installations. These sought after gardens can be highly customized to express the personal style of the homeowner, using unique combinations of plants, materials and hardscaping.

However, personal gardens don’t need to include an abundance of vegetables. In another example, the homeowner requested a traditional flower garden combined with fruit and vegetables, the ultimate blend of beauty and functionality, which could be enjoyed from the attached bluestone patio and seating area.

luestone Raised Bed Garden

The garden itself is enclosed by a mortared wall built with reclaimed Chicago brick. Espalier apple and pear trees line the back wall, adjacent to a quaint, white potting shed.

Custom Potting Shed

Columnar Colannade apple trees and Bonfire patio peaches are located in each corner of the garden. The interior patio was created using bluestone pavers and contrasting white tumbled valders stone.

bluestone patio design

Mortared bluestone drywall was used to create the four raised garden beds.

The blue and white of the hardscaping pops against the pink, green and white plantings in the garden.

Raised Beds Planted with Boxwood

Green boxwood are centered in each raised bed and surrounded by annuals, perennials and herbs in every shade of pink and green. In this garden, the closer you look, the more you will see, including wisteria coming into bloom, Brown Turkey Hardy Figs, pink and blue Columbine and tomatoes climbing up their white trellises.  The result is a feminine, traditional garden that is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning as the sun rises on the garden.

raised bed growing garden

From traditional to urban, personal gardens are new way to express individual taste and style, while improving the functionality of the outdoor living space.