A Modern, Urban Raised Bed Garden

A Modern, Urban Raised Bed Garden

Planting a spring and summer garden is a rite of passage and yields results that provide beauty and delicious fruits and vegetables all summer long. For some, planting a garden is a way of life and a customized growing garden is the perfect addition to the landscape.

In this example, the homeowner is a life-long gardener, whose family lives on a working 100 acre farm in Michigan.  Rather than an extensive garden worked into lawn, the homeowner wanted a sleek, low-maintenance urban garden that offered substantial growing space for a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

custom cedar raised beds

The base of the garden was created with birds eye gravel, which reduces weeds and offers great drainage. The beds themselves are built with cedar and placed in a geometric pattern.

Custom designed, cedar raised beds are built to last and require much less ongoing maintenance than garden beds built directly into the ground. Keeping the beds up and away from the lawn helps keep the garden organized, less messy and most importantly, no more toiling over the harvest or weeding.

Cedar Raised Bed Vegetable Gardenin

The beds were filled with a specialized, soil-less medium, ideal for growing and planted with and the beds themselves are filled with tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, carrots and more.   An apple tree shades the lettuces and blueberries and raspberries are planted along the perimeter. The result is a stunning combination of stone, cedar and plants that create a warm and inviting space for modern gardening. See the entire portfolio on The Barn Nursery Houzz profile.